$300 for the pair



********TRIALLING A NEW HOME ************

This gorgeous pair of mallies are Alaska who is 5 and Mia who is 6. They are very reliant on each other and can get distressed when separated so that is not an option. Mia and Alaska love humans and are fine with children. They have some basic obedieince but need to be bribed with treats to show you they will sit. Although strong on lead, they settle down quite quickly. They can be selective with doggie friends so would need introduction to any playmate and would be best with a submissive male is anything.


Alaska and Mia will do best with an active family who will include them with thei activities. Alaska and Mia come with all their vet work for an adoption fee of $300. Alaska does have a loose shoulder that does not require surgery but may cause some arthritis long term.


If you are intereseted, please complete an application or email us at