Located in Melbourne, VIC
Mo (Formerly Ammo)
4 year old Siberian Husky male 

The mysterious Mister Mo is looking for a special family who will gently restore his faith in humanity. He is wary of strangers and may come across as timid, but he will learn to trust you in his own time.

Mo Mo, as he’s also called, is so named after the Nepalese dumpling because of his healthy girth. Mo Mo will need a quiet home, ideally with adult humans and with an easy going but confident doggie companion. He loves playtime with you and with other dogs. He loves zoomies in the 
evening and can also fetch!

Mo enjoys his walks to check out the neighbourhood and will need a firm hand to reinforce his walking on lead training. Despite his timidity, Mo just wants cuddles and your attention, and will benefit from further training to stimulate his eagerness to please.

Mo Mo will need a family with minimum 6ft secure fencing. Ideally the family will be home more often than not and have large dog breed experience.

Mo has not shown any aggression to people or dogs. He will choose the 'flight' over 'fight' option so his family will need to be especially vigilant that he cannot escape and is not let off-lead outside the home.

Mister Mo deserves a new start to life with a dedicated loving owner - will you be the one to love him?

Adoption Process

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