Ava is a  18 month female husky who always has her 'happy face' on! She loves to play, runs superfast, she will fetch a ball, but only gives back to you on her terms and as she has a lot of energy to burn she does have her down time, where afternoon naps are mandatory.

She is currently in foster carer and sharing house with a boy husky and loving having a playmate to run a muck with.They  get on quite well and Ava will share his bed at times.  She gets super excited when the humans get home from work, and races  to the door.  Ideally we would like Ava to go to a home with another dog or with family who are around more so and involve Ava in their daily activity.   

She knows 'sit' and 'shake' and knows her name and most times will come when called, however, ongoing training would be great so she can reach her full potential.  She can pull quite strongly on lead when taken for a walk, mostly at the beginning and when she sees another dog, however,  she usually settles down after 10-15 minutes.

She has an obsession with tennis balls and that’s about all she loves to destroy and chew on. She is slightly underweight, but fattening up slowly and loves her food and  is slowly learning to be more patient and wait for a signal to eat.

She can get a little vocal when playing, but how boring would it be if she was the silent type. Ava loves to play in the water, loves her humans and can get a little sulky if she doesn’t get as much attention as she thinks she deserves.

High secure fencing from top to toe is mandatory.  Ava will require daily walks, ongoing training, tummy rubs and ideally share house with another dog. She has not been tested with cats.