Located in Melbourne VIC


6 year old female Akita

Bella is not your typical Akita, she's most likely a cross and a bit smaller than normal, think the size of a large Husky. 
She's definitely got the looks of an Akita though, and of course that challenging headstrong personality that shines in all the arctic breeds. 

Bella however is not at all aloof. Upon first greeting she will meet you with a wiggly butt and waggy tail and you will even get a kiss or two. You will always be met with a squidgy face and a big fat smile, yes, she actually smiles.
She's a very affectionate girl and will cuddle in for a good chest rub whilst you watch TV, or follow you around and take a great interest in everything you are doing in the house or yard. She will stay with you, watching intently and getting up close in simple tasks, like cleaning your bike. She thrives in your company.

Like most Akita’s, Bella will need to go to a home either as an only dog or with a friendly male companion. She can be a dominant girl, but she will settle for second place in the pack with the right dog. 
She's not a push over by any means, and can be quite intense with other dogs. Her ideal playmate will love a good game of bitey-face, tug-o-war, ball-chasey, and won't mind her jumping around in play. 
Alternatively she'd be happy as your one and only, your whole devotion, the centre of your universe.

Bella will do best with a family that can provide a disciplined pack structure as her as her cheeky side will try to push the boundaries. 
The family that puts the time into her to set the rules, boundaries, and limitations will be rewarded with a fantastically loyal and loving companion of gorgeous temperament.

Bella will need a home with 6ft secure fencing and no cats or pocket pets.

Due to her size Bella will need a home with children high school aged or older. 

Bella comes vet checked, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and flea & worm treated. 
MC # 978101081492402

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