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8 1/2 year old Alaskan Malamute male

My name is Chief, I am 8 1/2 years old and I am going blind from cataracts.

The lovely ladies from AMRAA booked me in with the eye specialist who says that I still have a chance to have surgery.

The fundraising for my surgery is going well but I also need a foster carer to look after me while I heal.

I would need to be in a home without small children and without other dogs, with someone who could give me eye drops 4 times a day and lots of cuddles because I love those.

I do love a walk but I'm not over the top energy wise. My hearing is still great and I respond very well to verbal cues. Anything that squeaks is my absolute favourite!

Despite my current eyesight issues I am a Malamute, so no pockets pets or cats will be safe with me. I'll also need a securely fenced yard so that I don't take myself for a wander without you.

As you can see I am a beautiful boy, it does take some work to keep me looking this good. I will need a short daily brush to keep me looking my best.

My foster carer will need to be based in the Sydney metro area as I will have to attend follow up visits at SASH after my surgery.

If you'd like my company for a while and are the right person to help me heal please get in contact with AMRAA and let them know. I promise to repay your kindness with lots of love and woo woos.

Medical Notes

Chief is about to undergo cataract surgery to prevent him going blind. He requires a foster carer who can administer eye drops 4 times a day during his recovery period. He will also require post surgery check ups at SASH.

Adoption Process

Chief is looking for a foster carer

Please fill out our online foster application or email us at