Chivas and Stella

Chivas and Stella
Chivas and Stella Chivas and Stella


Chivas and Stella available for adoption in South Australia.
Chivas is a seven year old wolf grey Mally Husky cross who knows how to sit, drop and sometimes stay. He loves a chat and will woo woo if the smoke alarm goes on and needless to say he will sing if an ambulance is in the area. He is pretty good on lead, except if he sees prey he can be quite strong. He is housetrained and sleeps inside ...and outside pending the weather. Like many Mallies they will chase a ball for a few minutes but they would prefer you to chase them. Chivas is very food motivated and can be a little bit possessive with his toys. He is lovely old soul who loves to watch TV and whilst Mallies are not known to be guard dogs, he will alert you and bark when he hears  unfamiliar noises. Chivas has been raised with his husky black and white  sister Stella who is a year younger and much  more active than Chivas and like Chivas loves to be a part of the family and be indoors at night in particular. She is not was well trained as Chivas but knows how to sit and drop and go inside and come on command, however, can be so excited when she meets new people so a little jumpy. She is still very puppy like in many respects. She is stronger on lead than Chivas, but will settle somewhat and easy to manage as she is much smaller than Chivas.   WE would like to rehome these two together as they have always been together. Best suited to a home with older children and a family who will integrate then as part of the family, take them for long walks, parks and keep them well socialised.  . They are not good with cats, farm animals, bit weary around small dogs. They are both desexed, vaccinated and Microchipped.