$500 for pair

Located in NSW

If you have an active, friendly family, and prefer the company of canines to cats, we may just have the next two members of your busy clan. Cyrstal is 3 years old and Skye is 2.

Skye and Crystal are two fun loving, vibrant female Husky Malamute crosses with big lungs and big hearts. Whilst they both adore having attention lavished on them, Crystal is the more buoyant of the two and will fit into your home before she has a chance to walk through the door. This does not discount the companionship Skye has to offer; whilst she is shy, all she needs is a little time to get used to her surroundings, and she will overcome her doubts and offer her affections.

Skye and Crystal love to have fun and be fit, and are ideal running companions. They will remain obedient whilst keeping up with the pace, so there’s no fretting about their behaviour outside, and you can enjoy taking them off the beaten track. They will enjoy the company of other dogs and people, and there are sure to be some laughs along the way!

There’s no separating some friends, and these girls are far from the exception; they come as a pair. 

Adoption fee - $500 for the pair
(Includes desexing, vaccination, microchip, heartworm treated and flea/worm treatment)

Please fill out our online application form at or

Contact Barb at AMRAA on:
Ph: 0412 661 935