Diesel is beautiful 4 year old black and white male Siberian husky who would be suited to join a family with preferably a female dog or if the family are home more than not as he doesn’t like to be left for long periods of time as he will want to explore the big wild word. So we will need to have a yard that is dig proof and very high fencing so that he is not tempted to do a runner.

He has been socialised with other medium to large dogs, but no cats or small dogs as he considers them to be prey. Like many of our arctic breed he is strong on lead and needs a bit of strong pack leader to reassure him of what he already knows. He can be bossy and dominant at first with other dogs when he first meets them but is fine after a few minutes.

Diesel is medium sized husky, around 24 kilos and sometimes thinks his role in life is to be a  lap dog and loves nothing more than laying on the couch with his human companions. 

He is good with children (has been living with a 2year old), loves his daily walks and throwing his soft toys.

Ongoing training is recommended, tummy rubbys and daily long walks are essential.