Introducing Gucci our 3 and a half year old silver pocket rocket. Gucci is a stunning looking girl with beautiful blue eyes and a happy smile. 

Gucci is a typically active and cheeky husky - she's full of beans, enjoys treats and is clever as well. She is looking for a husky experienced home who will focus on her training and boundaries. Gucci may not have had much one-on-one training and socialisation in the past so it's her time to shine with a new family who will focus on her needs. 

Gucci will thrive best in a home with a couple who understand and are experienced with arctic breeds. At this point in time she's best without children as she's very active and will mouth during play and when having a lead clipped on. She may have had some negative experiences in the past related to collar handling so will need to learn to trust her new family putting on her lead. Once on lead she loves her walks and will have a blast on a walk or run with you. Due to her passion for walkies she would be a great match for outdoorsy people or even joggers who can take her for a good run. She is curious about everything going on around her - she's strong pulling at first but with some lead training she settles in for a fun walk. 

Gucci is best as an only dog whilst her new family works on her canine socialisation . She is so excitable with all the dogs around her in the pound and rescue facility that she needs to learn the ropes before she can grow into a well mannered and social girl. She is very human focused and once she's in a quiet environment she is a relaxed and attentive lass who will trot to you for attention and a good ear scratch. 

Gucci loves her squeaky toys - she sits nicely for you to throw the toy and will dash around the yard with it and wait for you to throw it again. She doesn't quite understand how to return toys to you so her version of fetch will be good exercise for both of you! She enjoys a paddle in a big water bucket or a clam pool and will take her toys into the water with her. 

Gucci is very affectionate once she's worn off some initial energy. She likes her pats and will happily accept the attention you offer her. If you love huskies and are keen to make a difference to this lovely girl's future then please contact us about our fashionista Gucci. 

Medical notes

Gucci came into care with a hot spot on her neck. It's being treated currently and is healing well. Her new owners will need to watch for hot spots in hot and humid weather and treat them accordingly. 

Adoption details


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Note that a property check is part of the process to ensure fences are secure with no gaps. 

Our adoption screening is aimed to match the right dog to the right home and we make no apologies for the thoroughness of this process to ensure our dogs will find their best and last home.