Hunter is a strikingly good looking two year old, energetic husky-cross who is just full of personality. He is actually half husky/quarter malamute and quarter boxer so he has a combination of three wonderful genes. One beautiful blue husky eye and one brown, with energy and vision to explore beyond the backyard, lazy mally genes as he loves smooching up to humans, loves his cuddles  and enjoys lazing on the couch and lots of playfulness from  his boxer side.

He enjoys being both outside and inside and is toilet trained and would like to be included in lots of activities. Hunter is quite intelligent and picks up new commands and adapts to new environments well so long as he has company as he gets quite upset being left all alone. He knows how to sit, drop, shake, speak (arctic gene!), and is excellent at playing fetch and retrieving the ball – he’ll also give it back most of the time!

Hunter really enjoys socializing with other dogs and humans and has been well socialised having regular doggy day care days since a small puppy. He also enjoys long walks/runs in any environment – beach, city/suburbs, and parks. He is good on a lead although he can pull at first and then settles. It is not recommended that he is walked off lead, as with the husky genes he may just take off and not come back!

He has spent time with children and behaves well and whilst he has had exposure to cats when he was a puppy we do not know what he is like with them now.

High secure fencing and dig proof fencing is required. Hunter will require daily walks, lots of stimulation and needs to be rehomed with another dog.

He is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.