*On Trial*

Located in Melbourne VIC

"Jasmine" AKA Jazz

8 month old female Siberian Husky x Alaskan Malamute

Jasmine is a sweet young pup who is very affectionate.

She is friendly and playful with other dogs and is currently learning some manners in foster care.

As Jasmine will grow to be a large dog, her new owner will need to be large dog experienced, preferably with Arctic breed experience.

Jasmine will need to go to a home that will continue formal obedience training with her as she has not had any training prior to coming to us. She is currently learning the basics and still needs much work. Jasmine is not yet fully toilet trained but she is almost there.

As Jasmine is very focussed on companionship she will require a home with a male dog of similar size and nature for company.

Jasmine needs a home with secure 6ft fencing and free from cats or pocket pets.

Jasmine is an active girl and will need daily exercise. Once she is a little older activities like hiking, sledding or doggie backpacking would be ideal activities for Jasmine and you to do together.

Jasmine has a lovely temperament but if not provided with the right learning experiences a young Malamute can grow up to be a difficult dog. Malamute ownership can be challenging at times and is certainly not for everyone.

Jasmine will only go to a home that has sound breed knowledge to ensure that she is given the guidance she needs to remain a well rounded canine companion.

To apply for Jasmine please fill out our online adoption application http://www.amraa.org.au/adoption-form

Note that a property check is part of the process to ensure fences are secure with no gaps.

MC # 95600004424662