Jay is a gorgeous 9 year old husky boy who has been dealt a blow recently. He had one eye removed when he first came into care due to glaucoma and he seems to have developed glaucoma in the other eye despite treatment and is looking like this will also have to be removed. Despite this, he remains a beautiful cuddly boy who is happy to go for a walk and is good on lead, He is fine with other dogs but, of course, due to his blindness would be best with a very quiet, gentle doggie companion or just on his own with owners who are able to take him with them, or do not work long hours. Jay would also be suited to a family with older children. He remains a happy boy who loves his treats and his disability doesn't stop him from enjoying life. If you would like to meet this lovely boy, AMRAA will cover any further vet costs in regards to his remaining eye.

Medical notes

Jay has glaucoma and will probably need his remaining eye removed, AMRAA will cover all costs associated with this. He is otherwise in good health.

Please fill out our online adoption application http://www.amraa.org.au/adoption-form

Note that a property check is part of the process to ensure fences are secure with no gaps. 

Our adoption screening is aimed to match the right dog to the right home and we make no apologies for the thoroughness of this process to ensure our dogs will find their best and last home.