Introducing Kobe our wonderful 7 year old plush white Siberian Husky boy. Kobe has the softest fur you'll ever feel - you'll want to pat and cuddle him all day (and night!). He's a total sweetheart who laps up attention from his people - he will roll on his back for tummy rubs and nudge you with his nose to ask you to keep scratching. 

Kobe is a polite and gentle chap who will wait patiently on the sidelines for his turn at cuddles. He is friends with another husky called Maya who loves to be at the front of the pat queue so Kobe politely allows her to hog the limelight until it's his turn for attention. He turns to mush when you pat him and will lean into you for a chin scratch. It's hard not to fall in love with this smiling boy. 

Kobe is inquisitive when he's out and about - he loves to take in the action around him whilst out walking. In the yard he loves to roam about and will then sit contently near you - he likes to just hang out with you if that's what you want to do. He's active but not demanding at all. Despite his beautiful looks and sweet charm - he's modest and very camera-shy. 

Kobe is so gentle when taking treats on offer - he is a well mannered boy who is pleasure to spend time with. He is good with other dogs - he enjoys socialising but then doesn't mind going solo either. Therefore he may suit a family with a friendly dog already or a family after an easy-going canine who will be an only dog. 

Kobe may suit a single person or a couple of most age brackets. If you are a semi retiree or work from home he may be perfect for you as he'd love to spend his days chilling out with you after a morning or afternoon walk. Kobe may also suit a family with older kids or teenagers who are confident with medium sized dogs. As with most of our arctics he will require good fencing and a home without cats, pocket pets or chickens. 

Kobe is a delightful boy who would love to meet you and charm your socks off. So if you think you can offer Kobe a loving home then please contact us.

Medical notes

Kobe has been vet checked and appears in good health 

Adoption details


Please fill out our online adoption application http://www.amraa.org.au/adoption-form

Note that a property check is part of the process to ensure fences are secure with no gaps. 

Our adoption screening is aimed to match the right dog to the right home and we make no apologies for the thoroughness of this process to ensure our dogs will find their best and last home.