* Going on Trial*

Lily’s smile that never goes away will melt your heart the moment you meet her. She has the most amazing nature and is possibly the gentlest dog you will ever meet. She loves everybody and everything, you will see this when you first meet her and find out that she is not shy. She loves dogs, is intrigued by cats and is amazing with kids. Her only downfall is that sometimes she can get too excited and jump and appears reactive when meeting other dogs, but is ever so excited.

Like most Alaskan Malamutes Lily has an abundance of energy but as long as you take her out at least once a day for a nice long walk and she is very happy to spend the rest of it asleep next to you. She also loves her teddys and soft toys and will entertain herself for hours with them but make sure you have a few back ups as they don’t last forever.

Lily’s new family must be aware that she is a big and strong dog. She is normally good on a lead but if she gets excited when seen other dogs she can pull very hard or jump and if you are not strong enough she might take you with her. She still needs some work on socialising with other dogs and ongoing training.She is food orientated so training her isn’t that difficult. She knows how to sit, shake and drop and loves her cuddles.

We believe Lily will do well in a home with either another similar natured dog to herself or in a family environment or where there are lots of affectionate humans about so she is not left for long periods on her lonesome. Late last year Lily broke her foot from trying to jump a fence and has recovered well, so we do not recommend her to sled or overly strenious activities.