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Alaskan Malamute
7 year old male
Location: Boondall, Qld

Have you ever met a lounge lizard with fur? A couch potato with a big long Mally tongue? Well, now you have! I'm Maloo and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

I'm sorry, you've been told WHAT?!? That Malamutes are rugged, outdoorsy creatures? Not this one. The place to be is inside the house and the time to be there is now. I could think of nothing worse than being forced to...*gasp* live outside! I'm housetrained of course and I'm the kind of guy who will happily lay at your feet all day. (Ooh! Are you retired? Perhaps we could hang out and enjoy our relaxing retirement together!) If you aren't home all the time, that's OK, I can be trusted inside the house because I'm a mature fellow, long past the puppy phase of destruction. Currently, I stay inside the house all day, a gentleman of leisure, only letting myself out through the doggy door for the...ahem...essentials, then straight back inside to the comfort of the house. Due to this, my foster Mum has christened me Princess M'Lulu...where's the respect, I ask you? She cares not for my dignity. But when she arrives home from work, I come alive and we go for a lovely jaunt around the neighbourhood. I do love my walks and would happily have one daily, but am not fussed if it's only every few days either.

One of the reasons why I'd be uncomfortable living outside is that I have a touch of day-blindness. All this means is that I don't see well in direct sunlight as it hurts my eyes and causes me to squint. There is no treatment for it, though it's not degenerative. In other words, it won't get any better, but the good news is that it won't get any worse either! My ears have caused me a little bit of trouble over the years with recurrent infections, which are now being successfully kept at bay since having surgery and special medicine every second day. Due to my need for the medicine on an ongoing basis at a cost of around $20 a week, ABR is asking only a donation for you to adopt me, rather than their usual adoption fee.

Before I came into their care, I lived in a home where I was allowed to do whatever I pleased – I could get away with just about anything! ABR sent a lovely trainer out to see me in my foster home and now I have consistency, structure and routine in my life, which has made me less cranky, more willing to please and all-round, just a nicer guy! The key is not to try and 'dominate' me, which just makes me dig my heels in harder, like a truly stubborn Malamute! My trainer is happy to come and settle me into my new home and show my new people all the tricks, free of charge. I don't necessarily need an Arctic-experienced home, but my new people should be either dog-savvy or open to learning on the job, with the support and guidance of ABR and their trainer.

I'm not an escape artist and would be happy and secure within 5ft fencing. Although I've lived with another dog previously, I'd really prefer to be your one and only so I don't have to share your love and attention. Truth be told, I don't think of myself as a dog! Any children in my new home would need to be of high school age or older. I haven't been exposed to cats or other pocket pets, but you know how people say every exotic food out there 'tastes like chicken'. Chicken is delicious, and I'm betting that those other little creatures would be too!

In summary, I'm a sweet boy who just needs someone understanding and loving to welcome me into their home. OK, so I'm not perfect. But I'm guessing you aren't either, huh? If you're looking for a buddy to be your loyal companion and homebody homeboy, look no further.

Adoption Fee – Donation to ABR
Includes desexing, C5 vaccination, parasite treatment, microchipping and microchip transfer