Meet Mia our pretty 8 and a half year old Siberian Husky who has recently come into care. Mia is a stunning looking girl with a wolf-grey coat and soft eyes that don't miss a thing - she's happy and curious about everything going on around her. 

Mia loves getting out and exploring her surroundings - she's an energetic girl who belies her age - you'd think she's a lot younger than her 8.5 years. When out walking she can be very strong on lead at first but will settle in nicely by your side for an enjoyable outing. She's looking for her own family to take her for daily walks and include her in their day to day activities. 

Mia is quite independent - she's aloof at first until you win her over. She's content to do her own thing at times and then come over for a pat and praise. She takes offered treats politely but is more praise than food driven. She'd excel with a refresher in training basics with her new family to help her settle into her new life with them.

Mia is in foster care with many dogs and being the independent gal she is she can be bossy with other canines. She'd best suit either being a solo dog or being matched with a friendly male dog who will tolerate her occasional diva behaviour. Mia has a very high prey drive so will require a home without cats, birds, or pocket pets as she will chase them. She will need husky-proof fencing to keep her safely away from wildlife and neighbourhood cats. 

Mia is a calm-natured yet bubbly girl who would love her own yard to play in - once she's sniffed every corner she will lay nearby and watch what you're up to. She comes alive when you show her squeaky toys - if you throw them she'll return them to you so you'll continue the game. She gives you enthusiastic paw shakes and happily chatters to you when she gets excited.

Mia is a delightful girl who will give you loyalty and affection once you have won over her heart. Please contact us for find out more about Mia. 

Medical notes

Mia has been vet checked and appears in good health. 

Adoption details


Please fill out our online adoption application http://www.amraa.org.au/adoption-form

Note that a property check is part of the process to ensure fences are secure with no gaps. 

Our adoption screening is aimed to match the right dog to the right home and we make no apologies for the thoroughness of this process to ensure our dogs will find their best and last home