***ON TRIAL***
Located in Melbourne VIC


4 1/2 year old female Alaskan Malamute

Miley arrived at the pound as a stray but has since been surrendered by her owners. She is now looking for family to love her whilst she waits for her new furever home.

As she is currently impounded we do not know a great deal about her and unfortunately despite being a surrender we have no history on her.

At times Miley can be quite bouncy and playful but she also runs out of energy fairly quickly and then enjoys a nice calm lie down.
She does not mind being brushed at all and enjoys pats and a belly rub or two once she gets to know you. Two short walks a day would be ideal for Miley until she drops a few kilos and her stamina improves.

Miley is a sweet girl and will make a lovely companion for the right home.

It appears she has only had basic training as she knows sit but that is about it. She does take treats gently and as she is very food motivated teaching her new things should not prove too difficult. She shows a willingness to learn and engage, and would be a good candidate for group obedience training to help her continue to learn.

Miley's family will need to be an adult only home with Malamute experience as she does demonstrate a number of those typical stubborn Malamute traits, she is not suited for a first time breed owner.

Miley has shown mixed reactions to other dogs whilst impounded. She may be suited to a calm, friendly arctic breed male but a meet and greet would be needed to confirm. Like most malamutes she is not suited to living with another female and is not to be trusted around small dogs, cats or pocket pets.

Miley would most likely be happy as an only dog too and would love to be the centre of your attention if you have no other dogs.

She is actually quite good to walk on lead for a Malamute but she can pull strongly when she wants too. She also zig-zags a lot so we are not sure that she is used to being walked or whether she was just allowed to get away with this in the past. She does respond well to correction and can be called away from distractions fairly easily most of the time. With training Miley should be able to walk well on lead.

Miley has shown some guarding behaviours in the pound and her family will need to be prepared to work on this with her. She has already shown improvement in the pound with some positive reinforcement and once she gets to know and trust you she lets her guard down. Miley will guard food and toys from other dogs so if you have another dog there will need to be no access to communal food and toys. We will provide training advice and in-home professional assistance to help Miley overcome her guarding behaviour. If she were able to be kept separate from other dogs whilst not supervised and introduced slowly this would most likely aid her transition.

Miley is very deserving of a second chance and with the right family we are confident she will make an excellent canine companion, she just needs a little help along the way.