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11 month old Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky cross male

Nanook is a sweet, cheeky and lovable young boy. He is very affectionate and will cuddle into you and snuggle up whenever he can.

Nanook is a very quick learner and will easily pick up new commands; he can already sit, wait, shake, drop and roll. He needs to improve being gentle as he can be very exuberant when excited so would suit a family with older children. Nanook enjoys spending time inside the home with his foster family and he is nearly there with the toilet training.

Nanook is vocal when excited and the glorious noises he makes when you get home are amazing, a kind of gurgling howl, it’s just beautiful! 
His eyes will melt your heart and he loves nothing more than being around you.

Nanook loves water! He will probably need a clam shell pool or two in the yard! Otherwise he will drag his water bowl all over the yard! Did we mention he loves water?

He will gladly be your lap buddy in the pool and also enjoys a good run or walk to burn his energy. He would ideally need two walks or runs a day and he always sits patiently to be harnessed up for his walks. He can pull a bit and zig zag to begin with but will settle down part way through.

Nanook needs secure 6ft fencing that is suitable for his breed. He would not suit a home with cats or pocket pets but he is very friendly with other dogs and enjoys the company of his husky foster sister. He does like to play a little rough though, loves bitey-face games and would be suited to a friendly and outgoing doggie companion of similar energy level.

Nanook is still a young boy and would benefit from a breed experienced owner that will happily continue training and educating the young lad in manners and setting boundaries. He is a just a happy go lucky boy!

Medical Notes

Nanook is overweight and needs to loose around 6 kgs. Weight induced pain on his joints was observed during his vet examination and he received a course of Cartrophen injections. He is on a weight control diet to help him slim down and no further pain has been observed while in foster care.

Adoption Process

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Note that a property check is part of the process to ensure fences are secure with no gaps.

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