Meet Nash (previously Woofy)  - the class clown of AMRAA ! Nash is a 22 month old Malamute x Husky boy who is playful and lively - he will chatter to you when he's interested in attention, affection (or a treat). He is endearingly nicknamed Scarface due to some old scars on his face and his squinty left eye - his quirky squint adds even more character to this fun-loving young lad!

Nash adores other dogs and loves to initiate play with the many dogs he is in care with (around 25 of them) - if they won't play with him Woofy will husky-talk to them until they finally succumb to his charm. He is in his element with other dogs around him so his new home should have a canine friend for him to play with. 

Nash is very clever and responds well to treat and positive training - he's a typical mallie teenager and will need a family experienced with arctic breeds. He thrives best with a routine, boundaries and confident and fair leadership. He is best suited to a home without young children, pocket pets or cats, with a yard with 6 foot fencing. 

Nash likes to bunny-hop along with you when out walking on lead (he thinks he's sledding!). He'd love to go for a daily walk and join you on outings to the park or beach. He'd be OK at home with a doggy friend if you are a full time worker. Nash loves to sleep inside at night - he has the most amazing bed choice of all our rescue dogs - he loves to sleep in the bathtub!!

So if you have a bathtub in your home then friendly and cuddly Nash would love to join you for a sleep-over at your house !

Medical notes

Nash was injured by his mother when he was a very young pup and has a lazy eye but is otherwise in good health

Adoption details


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Note that a property check is part of the process to ensure fences are secure with no gaps. 

Our adoption screening is aimed to match the right dog to the right home and we make no apologies for the thoroughness of this process to ensure our dogs will find their best and last home.