REggie is  a 2 year old Husky cross who's glorious golden colour matches his sunny disposition.
It's not known for certain, but it's believed he could be crossed with a Swiss Shepherd. This serves to tone down the more rambunctious aspects of his Husky heritage. Don't let that fool you though, he can still howl when he wants something, has missed you, or doesn't agree with something you're telling him to do. Additionally he can give the lead a good pull unless you tell him to heel. 
He loves to fetch balls and sticks, or anything in your hand he'd much rather have. Sometimes his Husky side seems to kick in and he either forgets to bring it back, or won't drop it so you can keep playing the game.
While in foster care he's learned to be respectful of other dogs has a balanced nature. He is trustworthy at the dog park and plays well with other dogs of all sizes. Although being an Arctic it is wiser to be cautious around toy dogs and small animals. 
He is house trained and is able to sleep inside or outside without making a fuss. He enjoys rides in the car and loves going for walks. He can get pretty excited at meal times but has learned to sit and wait for a release word before taking. 
Reggie has shown great enthusiasm for learning. In care he's learned to sit, drop, shake, high-5 & speak. He, like most Huskies is motivated by treats, and further training will make him a more confident and obedient companion.
Most Huskies want affection when it suits them, but not Reginald. He'll always come for a pat and if you're sitting, rest his head in your lap.