Introducing our handsome Rocky, a 7 year old Siberian Husky. Rocky is a head turner - he has soft warm brown eyes and a striking dark thick coat with a gorgeous white face. Rocky has an energetic, eager personality however he equally enjoys chill out time with you - he's a great mix of both. He'll bound around like a puppy and then relax by lazing about in the yard or by your side. 

Rocky is curious about his surroundings - he likes to investigate everything. He can pull on lead but he's not overly strong about it. He is a chatterbox when out walking - he'll tell you if you're too slow or not paying him enough attention! He can jump up and talk initially when excited - he does respond well if you ask him to sit. He enjoys treats and if you remind him a few times to be 'gentle' he will politely take the treat off your palm.

Rocky is good with other dogs as he's in foster care with many . He can be a bit of an attention hog when he's with many dogs so he just needs to be reminded to share his humans affection. He may suit a home with another medium to large canine friend or a home as an only dog as long as he's not left on his own a lot. He loves being part of the action so needs be allowed inside when his family are home. He'd enjoy a walk a day to stretch his legs and explore the neighbourhood. 

Rocky has a whole lot of character packed in his gorgeous big fluffy body - he's a quirky softie who still acts very much like a cheeky puppy. He enjoys paddling in clam pools or water bowls on a warm day so if you live near the beach you may be able to take him for a paddle. He's not quite sure what to do with toys - he'd much rather interact with you. 

Rocky would suit a dog-experienced family who love their arctics as he has many of the quirks that arctic fans know and love. He may suit a single, couple or family with older teenagers who are confident with big dogs. Due to his size and initial energy we'd recommend a home without little kids. He will require a refresher on his basic training and fair boundaries to help him settle into his new home. As with most of our arctics we'd suggest a home without cats, chickens or pocket pets. 

If you are looking for a bubbly dog who will join you on activities and also loyally sit by your side watching the world go by then our stunning Rocky would love to hear from you. 

Medical notes

Rocky has been vet checked and appears in good health


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