Sasha is a gorgeous 10 1/2 year old golden oldie who is an incredibly sweet and very gentle girl. She is eager to become a valued member in a loving family who'll happily include her in their daily activities inside and out. Like many mallies she does enjoy a dig in the garden so if you wish your yard to be pristine - please look at another breed.

In view of her age, a short walk and time in your company would be ideal as malamutes love nothing better than to keep their humans company and be involved in family life. Sasha, like many female mallies can be selective in her doggie companions so any doggie company would need to have a meet and greet beforehand. If you can open up your heart and home for this darling girl, she will reward you a hundredfold with affection and wonderful companionship. There really is nothing like the love of a malamute. Sasha would need frequent brushing to keep her coat well maintained and daily walks to keep her mind and body stimulated. Sasha does have some arthritis which is being managed readily.


Microchip 982009101524579

Adoption Process

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