Meet Sasha our lovely 2 and a half year old Alaskan Malamute cross girl. Sasha is a polite and sweet natured treasure who enjoys your attention and looks to you for praise and treats. Sasha has warm amber eyes, a pretty white face and brown 'saddle' markings on her back like a shepherd. 

Sasha loves meeting new women and is shy when meeting men. With the ladies she's a happy, bushy tail wagging bundle of love who sits on your feet or puts her chin on you for pats. Her new family will need to be aware of her shyness with men and work on positive introductions so she can gain her confidence with them. She may suit a single person or a couple, or a family with older kids/teenagers who will understand her occasional shyness. 

Sasha loves her walks and is good on lead - she isn't strong but she does like to zig zag in front of you whilst constantly looking back to make sure you are still there! Once settled in beside you she's happy to share the sights and sounds of the walk with you. She sits nicely and accepts treats gently too. Sasha is active but isn't a super-high energy girl - as long as she has her daily walk, activities and her beloved humans she's a very happy girl. 

Sasha might be a good match with another friendly medium to large sized male dog or as a single dog. She does need to be separated from her canine friends when eating her dinner. Sasha is best suited to a home with no small dogs, cats, chickens or fluffy pocket pets. Sasha has only recently come into foster care after living with one family since she was a pup - she has dealt with the change very well which is a testament to her gorgeous nature. 

Sasha is a lovely mannered people-focused girl who is ready to meet and fall in love with her new forever family so if you think that's you then please contact us to find out more about Sasha. 

Medical notes

Sasha has been vet checked and appears in good health 

Adoption details


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Note that a property check is part of the process to ensure fences are secure with no gaps. 

Our adoption screening is aimed to match the right dog to the right home and we make no apologies for the thoroughness of this process to ensure our dogs will find their best and last home