Scooby is a beautiful two year husky inside and out.  He recently came into foster care and really wasn’t sure what was in store for his future and he has come a long way in two weeks. He is a loving, cuddly, kissing kinda guy who just wants to be with his humans so it would be great if you  worked part time or better still work from home so he can keep you company as he has some separation anxiety.   Ideally we would also like to find him a home with another doggy companion (assuming they get on)  as he is currently sharing house with a gorgeous female husky who has fallen in love with this dashing boy. 

He can walk well on his own and pulls and shows off a little when accompanied by another dog. He has enjoyed several car rides.  He is learning how to sit, shake and we are still working on the drop ! As he is quite young he will need ongoing training to show him how to behave indoors and understand boundaries.  We are not sure that he is completely house trained as some nights he is good and others not so good, however, he is getting better.  He is very eager for his food so he is currently being trained to wait for his dinner. He handles so well, allowing grooming and massage to his whole body without any signs of aggression.  Like most huskys his energy levels are high, so long and frequent walks are mandatory and he loves to do zoomies around the yard.