Sheila  may sound like  an old fashioned name and well yes, I am a golden oldie  at the ripe of old age of 11 years plus, but when you meet me you may think quite differently of me

A little bit about me : I am a  beautiful Mally/Husky/Shephard cross who acts a lot younger than her years and I am dog friendly and very keen on cats!  I am  sharing house with a six year old husky boy who I think is a bit of alright, however, I actually thinks he thinks the same about me.!

I know how to sit, sometimes stay  I am toilet trained and my hearing it not the  best at the times, however, I have always have had  a bit of selective hearing!  I love humans and lots of cuddles and tummy rubs are fantastic and I get so, so  ...excited when when we go for our walks, however, given my age I get somewhat exhausted days, so I do not need to go for huge long walks, but regular shorter  walks I am happy with. . I am currently living near the beach so if you can take me there once a week would be much appreciated

I've started to get a bit of arthritis, so have taking catrophen injections, but heh if that's all I have got at this age I am one lucky girl.

 If you are looking a perfect companion, I think it is me!


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