Arlo and Shyla 

Male and female Siberian Huskies

Shyla & Arlo have been together now for quite some time and due to their circumstances need to go to a home together. 
Shyla is a 6yr old Female and Arlo is Male and 4 1/2yrs. 
Both dogs have basic obedience and walk well on the lead but as we all know the usual 5-10minutes of mandatory pulling before settling occurs. 
Both love a cuddle and the chance to sleep on the couch, Arlo is happy eating and digging in the dirt while Shyla likes to lounge in the sun and is most happiest when in the spotlight. 
Both dogs are desexed and up to date with vaccinations. 
We are looking for an Experienced Foster carer who is able to take on both dogs. 
Good dig proof / dog proof fencing is a must. 
These two will be best suited to a home with no other pets especially Cats or Pocket Pets. 
We are in need of Care asap so if you are able to help and meet the criteria mentioned please fill in an online Foster application and if you require further information please contact Jo 041 331 0690