Sierra Sierra


The dictionary defines 'Sierra' as a long jagged mountain chain. Well,
she is big and beautiful, there's nothing jagged about this girl.
She's soft and sweet. When you call her name, she sheepishly drops her
ears and comes for a pat.

Being a Husky-Malamute cross, she has the frame of a small Mally but
the covering of a Husky. Her temperament is 100% Mally, as are her
lovely brown eyes. Not one to sing like a Husky either, when she has
something to say it's in the big, deep Mally foghorn "Woooooo!".

Be warned, she is a compulsive kisser. Once she starts smooching, it's
almost easier to just let her go, because pushing her away is a real
task. Despite being a strong girl she's very easy to walk. None of the
jumpy excited shenanigans you'd expect from a Husky that hadn't yet
been exercised that day. Sierra is fully housetrained, and if you let
her she'll happily cuddle on your lap on the couch or spoon on the
bed. She loves to ride in the car and stays still when you open the
door to let her out.

She is a fairly slow eater and isn't aggressive with her food, a good
thing to have if you have other dogs in your family. Sierra has good
manners at the dog park and usually finds a friend to play with. While
in foster care she has fitted into a pack with a strong alpha female
Husky and a 2IC passive male Husky, and they all get along well.

Sierra doesn't waste her time chasing balls, but her favourite thing
is a squeaky toy. She knows how to sit and shake and shows real
promise if further time is invested into her training as she wants to
learn. Also, in foster care she has tried dog sledding and pulled well
without getting distracted.

As is to be expected with her breed, she needs good fencing and
caution is required with small animals and pocket pets. She's not much
of a jumper, but she can dig like an excavator.