Sookie is a 9 and half month year old female bundle of joy with a personality you will just fall in love with! She is a glamorous looking girl and still very much a puppy, so has lots of energy to burn. She is currently in foster care with an Alaskan Malamute boy and both play well together. In her time at foster carer she has learnt to sit, lay down and stay on command,  and still a little bit jumpy as she is so excited to see you, but once her excitement settles she just  rolls over and wants her tummy rubs and will reward you with lots of kisses. She is still quite strong on lead, however, ongoing training is definitely required or recommended.

She will patiently wait for her dinner until you tell her to 'go' and loves to play will toys and. is good with children. As with many Arctic breeds, they have a strong prey drive, so chooks, rabbits are a no go zone, however, Sookie is also sharing house with a cat, however, and any introduction with another cat would need to be carefully nurtured and monitored.

High secure fencing from top to toe is mandatory.  Sookie will require daily walks, lots of stimulation and ideally share house with another dog. She would make a great companion and truly is a sweetheart.