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Located in Melbourne VIC


5 Year old male Siberian Husky X

Suki is a loving, friendly husky boy looking for a family to call his own.

Suki is a loving, friendly husky boy looking for a family to call his own.
He’s great with female dogs and will enjoy a companion who likes to play but he can also have quiet time if they are not up for it. A burglar alarm, Suki is not, as he will excitedly meet any guests you might have, and of course demand pats from them. 

Suki craves human attention at the moment and he will cry if he can see you but not be with you, this means he needs to be included inside as part of the family whilst you are home. He will need to go to a home either with a female dog for company or somewhere that people are home more often than not so that he does not get too lonely.

Walkies are a favourite of Suki’s and he is excited to being with but does calm down nicely on the lead. He’d also happy to jog next to you if you’d prefer – just watch out if he decides there’s something he wants to sniff! 

He’s an inquisitive fellow and has been known to take himself of on his own adventures fairly regularly. I wouldn’t call him an escape artist, as it seems he was taking advantage of an open gate but be aware if the opportunity presents itself, like any Husky worth his salt he’ll take the chance to nick off. For this reason he’ll need a secure yard with 6ft fencing and no gaps – gates will need to be of the locked variety!

Ongoing training will benefit Suki greatly, it will help him to quickly form a bond with his new owners and will also condition him to be a well mannered member of canine society. Like most arctics you will need to show Suki you are boss and lay down the boundaries. 

To apply for Suki please fill in an adoption application form

Suki comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, flea & worm treated.