********************ON TRIAL *******************

Taya is a very human focused friendly 6 yo female mallie who is good with children and simply loves being with her humans. Like all malamutes she enjoys her walks but is more keen to be in front of you getting a scratch than wandering off. However, like many female mallies, Taya is very selective with her doggie companions and would not be suited to going to a dog park. Like all mallies she would benfit from ongoing obedieince training and daily exercise but would also be happy sitting at your feet being scratched. She would also not be suited to a home with cats or pocket pets.

Medical Notes

Taya does have corneal dystrophy but has good vision.

Adoption Process

Please fill out our online adoption application at  http://www.amraa.org.au/adoption-form

 or email us at adoptions@amraa.org.au