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Located in Melbourne, VIC 


5 month old male Siberian Husky 

Toshi is looking for a breed experienced home with a focus on training and companionship. 

Toshi is a very playful and affectionate boy. He enjoys the company of both people and other dogs. He loves cuddling on the couch after a walk, playing fetch with a squeaky soft toy and chewing things! Once he’s done all that he will curl up in your lap and rest a while until his batteries are recharged. 

He can usually be found hanging out close to his foster carers but he does also like an energetic game of bitey-face with his foster sister. He plays well with other dogs but sometimes he can be a bit over the top with older or more solitary dogs that do not share his level of enthusiasm for play. He often ignores the signals to back off and this is one thing his new owners will need to watch to ensure he doesn’t get himself into any trouble. He just doesn’t understand that not everyone wants to play all the time. 

As Toshi is so companionship oriented he will need to go to a home either with another playful dog or one where someone is home more often than not and has time to spend with him. If left home alone he does cry initially but will settle relatively quickly. 

As a young pup, Toshi is still learning how to behave and his new home will need to continue the work that his foster carers have begun. He already knows sit, drop, stay, come and shake. He greets people and dogs appropriately and walks loose leash at heel. Toshi can sit and wait for his dinner and is progressing well with crate training. He is mostly toilet trained but does make the odd mistake from time to time. 

Toshi is mostly very well behaved for his age, regardless ongoing training will be required as it's likely that Toshi has missed out on adequate exposure during his critical socialization period so it is particularly important that he is given every opportunity to learn correct behaviours during the remainder of his upbringing. 

Toshi is not a destructive pup but does enjoy the odd spot of digging as tree roots seem to be a favourite snack. 
He is a chewer but if shown which toys are his to chew he is content with those and of course a healthy supply of sticks.

He allows full handling but bath time is not his favourite! 

Toshi enjoys training and is a quick learner. Combined with his people oriented behaviour, food drive and his solid training foundation he could be an excellent candidate for someone wanting to participate in dog sports or obedience. 

As he is still young it is possible that Toshi could be introduced to a household with a dog savvy cat. A careful introduction and close supervision initially would be necessary. 

Toshi will need a home with secure 6ft fencing and a commitment to daily exercise and training. 

Toshi comes vet-checked, microchipped, vaccinated, desexed, flea & worm treated. 

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