*On Trial* 

Located in Melbourne, VIC


1 ½ year old female Siberian Husky

Adoption fee $350

Do you love that puppy nature! The cheek! The curiosity! The energy! The happy-go lucky disposition! Then Yuki might be the dog for you! Whilst no longer a young pup in age Yuki’s behaviour is still very puppy-ish.

Young Yuki is looking for a home that will embrace her active, bubbly personality and also be able to guide her to become a calm, well-mannered member of the family.

We don’t know much about Yuki’s past but it’s pretty clear she’s not had much training put into her until now. She does know sit and responds well to ‘ah-ah’ but that’s about it. She’s a quick learner though and if there is an older dog in the house she will take some cues from them. Ideally her new family will take her to group obedience training to concrete her training in distracting environments. She does jump up and due to her exuberance will not be suited to a home with young children.

Yuki is friendly with other dogs of the same size but lacking in tact. She’s very vocal and will bark in their face to indicate she would like to play. She would suit a dog which likes to play rough, but will also be able to put a stop to her and teach her to calm down when she gets over-excited. She can become snappy when over-excited. Her foster siblings are teaching her this as she settles in but she wouldn’t suit a ‘push-over’ dog as she would be too much. A dominant but friendly and active male would be the best scenario, a meet and greet would be needed to ensure suitability.

Yuki does not cope well when lonely and unlike most huskies will bark when bored. Yuki will need a home either with another dog for company or one where people are home more often than not and are able to interact with her regularly to keep her mentally stimulated.

As she is an active girl Yuki will need at least one walk or run per day, preferably in the morning. She does pull on lead at the moment but is responding well to correction and this will likely improve in the coming weeks.

Yuki is also known as a “Siberian Mountain Goat”. She enjoys jumping and climbing on anything she can. You’ll need to have 6ft secure fences and make sure there is nothing she could use to jump on and get over the fence. She will make herself at home on top of your outdoor dining table or BBQ, so you’ll need to make sure anything she shouldn’t have access to is up high.

Like most Huskies, Yuki will need a home without cats or other pocket pets. Whilst she is underweight at the moment – they are not the right type of calories for her.

Yuki comes vet checked, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea & worm treated. MC # 956000003642367

If you’d like to adopt Yuki you can apply here: http://amraa.org.au/adoption-form