$350 for the pair


*On Trial*

Located in Melbourne, VIC 

"Zuri & Ike” 

Adoption fee: $350 for the pair

8.5 year old Male & Female Siberian Huskies

Like all brothers and sisters, we love to annoy each other, but we wouldn't want to live without one another.

We are well socialised dogs. We love nothing more than being free to run off leash in a secure park or dog beach. We love to go on long walks and particularly love the bush. So you'll need to be willing and able to give us plenty of exercise. While we're not spring chickens anymore, we are in great condition and need at least a daily walk. But be warned, if you do take us out, we will often draw a crowd.

We'd prefer not to live with other dogs and have to share the attention. Other small animals are a definite no-no as we’d love to taste them.

Ike (right): I'm a grey/white male and have the loveliest of temperaments. I may be a strapping fellow, but I'm a real big softy at heart. I love a good scratch on the nose and my favourite pass time is to snuggle up on the couch with my big head on your lap. When you get home from work, I like to have a nice chat and the girls do tell me they love my howl. I'll otherwise not disturb the neighbours. I'm the top dog of the house and my sister knows it, although she sometimes needs some reminding.

Zuri: I'm a black/white female with a spring in my step and a love of a good game of chase. Ike is the brawn and I am the brains of this house. While Ike thinks he's top dog, I do find ways to get what I want. And even if, for the sack of his ego, I let him win, it is quite fun winding him up. Mum and Dad sometimes say I'm not the most obedient dog going around, but the reality is I just love to play. I'm the spirit and voice of this combo. So when you want to get my collar on or catch me for a brush, it's game on! I will come, when I'm good and ready.

We follow basic commands, such as sit, drop, shake and stay (although with this one, it sometimes depends how tempting the alternative is). We don't heel when we walk - we do have instincts, but our halti tends to keep us in check. And when it comes to chasing balls, they don't smell like dogs and we can't eat them, so you can fetch those yourself.

We love all people immensely and will take as much attention as you can give us from all ages.

Now a husky wouldn't be a husky if they didn't try the odd escape here and there. And we're no exception. If we got walked more, we'd be less inclined to do a runner. But you'll need to have a secure property to remove the temptation and keep us safely on your side of the fence. We do partake in a spot of gardening every now and then, usually in nice soft exposed dirt, but we aren’t ones to rip up established gardens. 

When all is said and done, we are amazing dogs just looking for a loving home with some folks that can give us the attention, exercise and stimulation we love, deserve and need.

Zuri & Ike come microchipped, vaccinated, desexed, flea and worm treated. 

Adoption Process

Please fill out our online adoption application http://www.amraa.org.au/adoption-form or email us at enquiries@amraa.org.au.